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Moores soft tissue

Moores Soft Tissue was established to bring Specialist Soft Tissue Surgery services into first opinion practice. Peripatetic (visiting) surgery referral allows pet owners to have their pets treated in a convenient and familiar environment, while offering access to an experienced Specialist Surgeon, all at an affordable price.


Most visiting surgeons offering soft tissue surgery in first opinion practice are not Specialist Surgeons. Moores Soft Tissue is one of the few Specialist Soft Tissue services available in first opinion practice in the UK. 




You can ask your vet if Alison can see you and your pet. If you and your vet feel this is the best option, we will offer you potential date(s) for consultation and surgery. 

Veterinary surgeons:
If you have a soft tissue surgery case and you would like the confidence that it will be managed to Specialist level within your own practice, please get in touch with Alison to discuss the case details. If you feel referral outside your practice is the best option, Alison can offer surgery at the Moores Orthopaedic Clinic.


No surgery is too simple to benefit from Specialist expertise, and Alison is happy to discuss individual referrals on a case-by-case basis. Alison is happy to visit practices frequently or infrequently as your case load dictates. 

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