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About Us

Alison is an experienced surgeon, with 22 years as a referral surgeon, and 18 years as a Specialist Surgeon. She spent four years in first opinion and emergency practice and is excited to bring Specialist Soft Tissue Surgery into first opinion practices. 


Alison is an expert in the field of Soft Tissue Surgery and has operated on thousands of pets. She holds the highest qualifications available in the UK and Europe (Certificate, Diploma, Specialist Status, RCVS Fellowship).  Alison has trained hundreds of UK vets that have a Surgery Certificate, as well as many more in four other European countries. For BSAVA alone, for whom Alison is the programme co-ordinator and primary internal examiner, she has trained over 400 vets, of whom over 200 have obtained the certificateand 60 have AVP status. 


She has authored 28 research papers and chapters in five veterinary textbooks on topics including trauma, reconstructive, thoracic and gastrointestinal surgery. She is co-editor of the BSAVA Manual of Skin and Reconstructive Surgery, which is being prepared for a third edition.

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